|| Jnanam, Vijnanam Cha Bhaktisahitam ||

Devotion to Enlightenment

“No field, be it philosophy, science or commerce, exists in isolation. Every field of knowledge is connected to the other. Knowledge is a continuous process, with a crisp beginning and no end.”

The Gokula Education Foundation (GEF), a part of the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, Bengaluru, founded M S Ramaiah Institute of Management (MSRIM) in the year 1995 to impart highest quality education for management students. The Ramaiah Group, under the aegis of Dr M S Ramaiah, was established to promote a culture of knowledge sharing and empowerment. Following in the spirit of the founding visionary, the Ramaiah Group is committed to providing quality education and competence in the fields of Healthcare and Education in India.

Over the years, RIM has turned out to be one of the leading business schools in the country.  Situated in the education hub of the country, Bengaluru, the institute is providing top-notch management education & producing professionally skilled graduates year on year. A strong team of motivated faculty, passionate students, exceptional pedagogical approach coupled with advanced facilities & infrastructure make RIM one of the most acclaimed management schools in the country.  The aim has been to offer the nation with vision-driven thought leaders for a globally competent, modern India.

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