Centre for Sustainability

Ramaiah Institute of Management

Centre for Sustainability (CFS) at Ramaiah Institute of Management is established in 2022 with the adage “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means "The World is One Family". With the belief that educational institutes can play an important role in achieving India’s Sustainable Development Goals, the centre aims at bringing the concept of sustainability as a focal point in management studies. As India is becoming the fastest growing economy in the world, it is extremely important that besides making our cities SMART we need to make them the most liveable cities on earth and more resilient towards climate change.  The centre is established with the aim to inspire budding managers to take conscious decisions in their day-to-day life and later in corporate life to support and promote sustainable practices, thus developing the culture of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Vision: To be a leading centre in the country to develop capability and capacity to promote sustainable development culture thus contributing to net zero targets.

Objectives of CFS:

  • To be a leader in advocating the sustainable living that leads Indian cities most liveable cities on earth.

  • To help businesses develop polices to promote sustainable and inclusive growth:  to be environmentally responsible; to ensure social inclusion of Persons with Disability (PWDs), and gender inclusivity, equity and diversity.

  • To inspire budding managers to be socially responsible and sensitive towards fellow citizens while taking crucial managerial decisions. 

Activities of CFS:

Centre for Sustainability organises events to bring awareness about the need to reduce carbon footprints, water footprints, ecological footprints and digital footprints for a greener world. It also aims at inculcating a culture of inclusivity and equality among all its stakeholders.

Students contribute to the centre’s vision through the “Sahayan Club”. The club activities involve water conservation drives, no to single-use plastic drives, road safety campaigns, adopt and plant trees, clean and green surroundings, sharing knowledge with the underprivileged, supporting ‘vocal for Local” campaigns to contribute towards Aatmnirbhar Bharat. Self-defence workshops for girl students are aimed to empower the future women workforce.

Through “Students’ Samvad”, an initiative of the centre, a culture of knowledge exchange will be developed to bring the multidisciplinary approach and collaboration among students of various colleges across India and globally to collaborate and solve citizens problems to improve their quality of life.

The centre also aims to organising capacity-building workshops to bring awareness among small businesses and corporates to adopt sustainable and inclusive growth. It includes gender-inclusive policies along with policies to include the need for PWDs.  To address pressing national and international issues related to the environment, the centre encourages its faculty members to undertake research projects to promote green mobility, green products, green energy and eco-tourism.

Faculty Team:

  • Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam, Director (Academics, Research and Administration)

            Contact: directoracademics@msrim.org

  • Dr. Meghna Verma, Head-Centre for Sustainability

            Contact: meghna@msrim.org

  • Prof. B Yashaswini B Murthy, Member, Centre for Sustainability

            Contact: yashaswini@msrim.org