The Institutes strategic priorities for the future are:

  • Enhancing the Global engagement component in the program
  • Fostering and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of the students such that they become job creators than Job seekers
  • Synthesizing knowledge through increased research and consultancy projects thereby enhancing the knowledge quotient of the Institute
  • Collaborating with Industry, Alumni and Academia for achieving inclusiveness in the society

Focal Area 1: Global Engagement

Short Term Initiatives Long Term Initiatives
Globally relevant electives Global accreditation
Guest lectures by international resource persons Student exchange programs
International conferences Faculty exchange programs
Overseas Summer Internship Program Courses on emerging  topics
Foreign collaboration for research and publications Tie-up with off-shore university to offer courses

Focal Area 2: Entrepreneurship

Short Term Initiatives Long Term Initiatives
On campus flea markets Host entrepreneurship contests
Entrepreneurship workshops Conduct market surveys to check feasibility of new ideas
Invite Entrepreneurs to teach courses Provide consulting to non-profit and small businesses
Sign MoU with national and international entrepreneurial networks Identify and liaison with funding partners and Venture capitalists
Setting up of Innovation and incubation centres Introduce exclusive certificate program for entrepreneurship

Focal Area 3:  Research & Consultancy

Short term Initiatives Long Term Initiatives
Live projects exposure for all first year students Provide adequate funding for research
Introduction of contemporary data driven decision making courses Application based education by hosting professionals from the industry
Faculty development & empowerment to facilitate execution of research and consultancy assignments Promote more MoUs with leading Industries and Universities for enhancing the consultancy and research activities
Support sister concerns in the group with their research requirements Provide a platform for sharing available research facilities
Tie-up with Ramaiah Public Policy Centre for a better role in public research Recommend incentives for outstanding projects, research proposals and patents

Focal Area 4: Industry-Academia-Alumni-Interface (IAAI)

Short term Initiatives Long Term Initiatives
Host workshops on emerging/specialized topics by Industry Introduction of contemporary short term certificate courses
Mentoring by alumni and other specialist from the industry Execute Consultancy assignments
Bridge the Institute-industry gap by leveraging alumni relationship for internships Development of contemporary case studies  based on IAAI insights
Association with RPCC for community based projects Collaboration with Alumni for start-up ventures
Tapping into the Alumni placement network Adoption of latest technology from industry-academia interface