Muhammed Shadab Fasisal PK

Marketing Mix for Business Marketing and its Implementation Control Techniques

Mr Krishnendu Bal

Business Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Anand Khurana

What does marketing mean & what does a marketer do in the real world?



Dr.Kirupa Priyadarsini

The Human Side of Operations and Supply Chain

Swathi MD

 Business Intelligence and its Applications

Papia Das

Essential Elements of Talent Acquisition

Mr. Durgesh Raturi

Operations and Sustainability


Research Methodology

Mr. Sushil Goswami

Screening the small screen

Mr. Kalayan Chakravarthy

Bait and Hook: Creating an Ecosystem

Ms. Annapurna A

Current Trends in HRM


Mr. Shriram Adithiya

An Overview of Auditing Industry and Big four firms

Nisha Millet

Interdisciplinary guest lecture series

Mr Nithish Mathur 

Leadership Branding in Startups

 Mr. Pratik Mohapatra

Product Strategy 

 Ms. Revati Gore

 Interview Skills and Personality Development

 Mr. Ajit Pai, Chartered Accountant

Practical Aspects of Companies Act 2013 

 Ms. Apoorva Sharma

Trends in Product Management 

 Ms. Sahiti. P

The Secret of CODE 

  Mr. Poorvank Purohit

Leadership for Young Adults 

 Mr. Praveer Priyadarsi 

Leadership Communication 

Mr.Chetan kumar .S

Cloud Computing in Business Scenario

Mr. Parathasarathi Dutta Sharma

Strategy and Product Management @ Amazon

Dr. Prakash Muthudoss

Data Analytics in Healthcare - An Analytics Continuum Approach

Dr. V. Raja Sreedharan

Globalization and Organization debacles in the manufacturing sector

K V Ramanan

Application on Lean Six Sigma in the Services Industry

Ms. Aditi Ashesh

Global Mobility as a Career

Dr. C. Pethuru Raj

Internet of Things in Industry 4.0 Applications

CA Ravi Agarwal

Insights into Online Retail Management


Mr. Chetan kumar.S

Cloud computing & Its Applications

Mr. Parthasarathi Dutta Sharma

Strategy & Product management @Amazon

Dr.Bellur S Prabhakar

Cross Functional Research -Management and Healthcare

Dr.Govi Kannan

Brand Experience


Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Story of 4 lake Rejuvenation by an Ordinary Man

 Dr.SunithaBhagavathi Mysore

Curriculum Development , Theoretical Underpinnings of Assessing Students in Higher Education

Prof.Sandeep Kumar

Bit Coins to Block Chains

Prof. Jaime LópezDíez, Associate

Emotions in Video Marketing

Mr. Abhishek Selvaraj,Financial

Cracking the interview

Mr. SriramSeshan

Emerging Concepts - Workplace Themes and Work Needs

Prof. BalasubramanianVenkatadri

Hedging Foreign Currency debt for Indian Corporations - Products and Process

Mrs. Dilshad D

Realise Your Potential


Lean Manufacturing and its Applications

CA DebashisDasgupta

International Financial Reporting Standards


Mutual Fund Expert Speak

Prof. RatnaDhar

Transformation from Student to Professional Life