Guest lecture on “Data Analytics in Healthcare- An Analytics Continuum Approach” organized by the Department of Business Analytics & Data Science on 29th December 2020

A Guest lecture organized by the Department of Business Analytics & Data Science, RIM.  Joining Live from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Prakash Muthudoss will be sharing his insights on “Data Analytics in Healthcare.” 

Dr. Prakash Muthudoss is currently, head of the department, advanced analytics with Oncogen Pharma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia. Scientific enterprising independent consultant (techno-commercial) with about >15+ years of experience (UK and India) across Pharmaceutical Research and development with academia, CROs, pharmaceutical MNCs, medical devices, and biotechnology companies. He is trained in pharmaceutical analysis and pharmaceutics with a broad interest and activities in particle analysis, material characterization of formulations. He has long standing activities and is qualified in structure-property-process correlation, material science, raw material chemistry, reverse engineering, preformulation, biopharmaceutics (advanced drug release testing), API and Excipient Switch/alternate vendor qualification project manager, advanced polymorphism characterization, advanced particle property characterization, solubility enhancement approaches of drug substance in dosage form design and development. Delivered in multiple critical high-value projects >$500M [505(b)(2) both innovative and generics. Recently, he is working towards advancing the predictive knowledge with interest include applying data learning approaches from small scale to large scale data. Other area of expertise currently he is focussed is to apply artificial intelligence as well as machine learning to pharmaceutical process. More recently he is expanding his horizons as well as diversifying his expertise as a data agnostic scientist. Continuing Professional Development Academic Portfolio include completion of PGP certification in Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Conversant in using tools like Python, RStudio, Weka, Knime, Tableau etc.

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Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam, Director – Academics, Research and Administration, RIM.

Dr. Aravinda Reddy M N, Assistant Professor & Area Head – Department of Business Analytics  & Data Scicene, RIM.

Prof. Mallieswari R, Assistant Professor, RIM.

Prof. Rema V, Assistant Professor, RIM.