The Ramaiah group has several hostels separately for girls and boys. The Institute provides an option to the students to use these facilities.

Hostels are located in close proximity to the campus.

  • Hostel rooms are well lit and ventilated.
  • Purified drinking water is always available.
  • Running water is available throughout the day to facilitate washing of clothes.
  • Ear-marked area is provided to dry clothes.
  • Sanitation is given high priority in the hygiene upkeep.
  • Food and laundry facilities are available in-house.
  • Fundamental furniture like cot, bed, table and chairs are provided.
  • Basic appliances like lights, fans and geysers are provided.
  • Wi-Fi is enabled throughout the hostels.
  • Uninterrupted power supply is also a feature at the hostels
  • Doctors are available on call.