Community Service Program


Community Service Program


The Institute is associated with Janaagraha for rendering community service to the society.

Janaagraha is a not-for-profit organization that aims to strengthen democracy in India by working for citizen participation in urban local government. Janaagraha aims to spread awareness of the benefits of engaging local governments after electing them and to lobby the Government of India to enact legislation to extend the 74th Amendment to the Constitution of India for more representative local urban government. The co-founders of the organization are Ramesh Ramanathan and Swati Ramanathan.

Community service by the students of Ramaiah Institute of Management

The students of the Institute) are given various projects every year coordinated by the faculty of the Institute Prof. K.G. Muralidhara. The students are given guidance by the Janaagraha for good and timely execution of the projects so assigned.

  • The students of batch 2014-16 of Ramaiah Institute of Management were engaged on the street quality score an initiative of Janaagraha. A total of 204 students from the Institute participated in this activity between 31st March and 4th April 2015 as part of the Community Service program.
  • The Students of the Institute (batch 2015-17) were given “Bus stop Audit” where 229 students were supposed to study infrastructure and development of Bus stops in Bengaluru for 4 days.
  • The students of batch 2016-18 were trained in “community policing” where in students were trained by Bengaluru police and awareness was brought to the citizens of Bengaluru. Totally, 218 students participated for 4 days.

The Institute also organizes outbound training activities which help the students to work in team environment. This builds greater character, mental toughness and helps them become better team players and ultimately better managers.