Director - Academics, Research and Administration

A very warm welcome to Ramaiah Institute of Management.  Ramaiah group of Institutions has set a legacy in education by providing excellence through education following the philosophy of inclusion.  It is a matter of pride to be studying in the M. S. Ramaiah group.  Today we are at an unprecedented moment in time where COVID 19 pandemic hit the world and the economy underwent a great turbulence. It posed new challenges to the education system and has pushed the system to adapt itself to the changing circumstances.  RIM being a vibrant and a responsive institution was able to deliver its best during such challenging times.  The same has been imbibed in the students to strive to equip themselves to meet such emerging challenges in the global context.

In situations of uncertain businesses and tough competition, the one who survives is the one who accepts challenges and positively attempts to think differently to find solutions.  Ramaiah Institute of Management believes in a 360 degree development so that students are ready not just for their jobs but for careers. We strive to offer to the students a perspective of the context along with the content.  Skills have been an integral part of the entire course, which enables students to have the needed capabilities to take up any role, in any organization and in any location. All this is brought to the students through a set of dedicated teaching faculty. Teaching learning process at Ramaiah Institute of Management is highly industry oriented. The curriculum at RIM is reviewed periodically by our industry associates.  Students here have a close hands on experience as a part of our curriculum as we have our industry partners deliver a part of the course.  We at RIM are also exploring opportunities to provide a flavor of global exposure to our students. You will be excited to have a enriching and a transformational journey to take varied challenges in your career and life.

 At Ramaiah, we strive to cater to executives and the academic community through well-designed short-term and certificate programs.  I am sure there is a big opportunity for all our stakeholders to collaborate and do more for the well being of our society and nation.

Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam