Club activities provide several opportunities for professional and personal development through networking with those with similar interests, apply classroom learning, gain practical experience, evolve leadership qualities, build confidence and enhance communication skills.

Club Activities 

List of Club activities for the Academic Year 2021-22

S. No. Date Club/Department
Analytics Club
1 06-01-2021 Lollapalooza
2 03-03-2021 Analytics in My Type
3 17-03-2021 L’Analista
4 24-11-2021 LogicPlay
5 05-05-2021 ‘Brand Analytics’
6 09-02-2022 Flummox
7 09-03-2022 Cryptogram
Finance Club
8 16-12-2020 Mots Croises
9 23-12-2020 Creare
10 24-02-2021 Film Festival
11 13-03-2021 Paper Bag Theatre
12 10-11-2021 Motscroisés
13 17-11-2021 Business Quiz
Operations Club
14 17-07-2019 BUG YOUR MIND – Reverse Brainstorming
15 10-07-2019 The Debut - Ice Breaking session
16 24-07-2019 Hang On a Minute
17 31-07-2019 Just A Minute
18 23-12-2020 Logo Design Competition
19 06-01-2021 Case-o-Mania
20 27-10-2021 Product Decoding
HR Club
21 27-10-2021 Treasure Hunt
22 02-01-2021 M.A.D - Music, Art, Dance
23 13-02-2021 Reel to Real
24 02-02-2022 Crank N Bolt
25 06-10-21 to 12-02-22 Fire up and Crack it
26 09-03- 2022 Co –Build
27 17-03- 2022 Team Tussle
28 06-04-2022 Airplane Crash
Marketing Club
29 10-07-2019 Ice Breaking Session
30 30-01-2019 Beg Borrow Swap
31 17-07-2019 Beg Borrow Selfie
32 24-07-2019 Bang Your Head
33 23-12-2020 Rest Your Case
34 02-02-2021 High Five
35 17-11-2021 Marketing Charades
36 02-03-2022 Ace of Jingles
37 06-04-2022 Life At RIM
Sports Club - Guest Lectures
38 9-6-2021 “Careers in Sports Management “to the Department of BSc, M S Ramaiah college of Arts, Science and Commerce
39 10-6- 2021 ‘Careers in Sports Management” to the department of BCA & BA, M S Ramaiah college of Arts, Science and Commerce
40 11-6- 2021 “Careers in Sports Management  to the department of BCom, M S Ramaiah college of Arts, Science and Commerce
41 24-6-2021 ” Careers in Sports Management” to the department of BBM, M S Ramaiah college of Arts, Science and Commerce
42 11-8-2021. Careers in Sports Management -  PGPSM Webinar to MES college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
43 16-7-2021 Interclass sports quiz competition was organized -Activity
44 29-3-2022 & 30-3-2022 Annual sports Day
Wealth Management Club
45 4-12-2021 FINOPOLY, a stock market game
46 16-3-2022 Learn trade financial Markets
Sahayan Club
47 22-9- 2021 "One Student, One Tree" "One Student, One Tree"
48 9-11- 2021 Say NO to Single-Use Plastic Campaign!
49 07-2- 2022 Road Safety month
50 9-3- 2022 Revolutionistico
Communicare Club
51 22-7-20 The game of Glyph
52 12-8-2020 ‘Reel it’-Video resume competition
53 16-9-2020 ‘Tell a tale’ event
54 23-4-2021 Brand Ambassadors
55 12-5-2021 East or West -Group Discussion is a must
56 27-10-2021 Extempore
57 24-11-2021 Angry-Bargy
58 29-7-2020 Vitrine Des Talent
59 5-8-2020 Sing-a-song
60 12-8-2020 Play room home-Game
61 15-8-2020 Democracy-Independency day
62 22-8-2020 Parijaatam-Onam Festival
63 16-9-2020 Let’s rewind -Alumni talent showcase
64 14-1-2021 Soutez-O-Logo
65 29-3-2021 Paint without paint brush
66 12-10-21 Ehinico
67 31-10-2021 Selfoween

Club Activities 

List of Club activities for the Academic Year 2018-19

Club Activity
HR Team building activity-Walk with me and Pictionary
Finance Guest lecture on “Financial Planning”- An Investor’s Perspective by Mr.Raveendranath Kaushik, Cost & Management Accountant
Communicare Just-a-Minute
Wealth Management Quiz
HR Guest lecture on “Success, Career, Happiness-How to build Bond?” by Mr. Manoj Kumar, CEO, Connaissance Company, Bengaluru
Marketing RIM Bazaar
HR Be Opinionated
Communicare Green Drive-Signature and Pledge Campaign
TOOT Box Workshop On SAP
Operations Operations Quiz
COSCA "Vitrine Des Talents”-talent hunt
Finance Finance Tournament- Bang on Basics
TOOT Box Workshop on Mind Management
COSCA "Vitrine Des Talents”- Talent Hunt
HR Guest lecture on “Networking: “What they don't teach you in College” by Ms. Neha Mishra, Director, Neha Talks
Marketing RIM Bazaar- Student Presentation
Finance Finance Tournament- Business Quiz, Draw&Tackle
Wealth Management Stock Selection methodology
Wealth Management Mind Seek Drill
Operations Design a Supply Chain
TOOT Box “Chasse au Tresor”- Treasure Hunt 
Operations Guest lecture on “Supply Chain Management” by Dr. K N Subramanya, Principal & Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, RV College, Bengaluru      
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on ITSM by Mr.Debashish Banerjee, Assistant Manager, Training Lead – ITSM, Management Consulting - Business Excellence, KPMG
TOOT Box "ENIGME”- A Riddle and Role Play event
Finance Accounting Basics
Communicare Tongue-Twister
Operations Guest lecture on “Bengaluru City Gas Distribution Project” by Mr. Ajay Kumar Jindal, General Manager, Gail Gas Ltd.
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Boomerang
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Poster Making Competition
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Photography
Operations Debate and Poster Making on Emerging Technologies.
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Communicare Quiz
COSCA MELA-Music, Entertainment, Literature, Art 
Marketing Quiz Time
Finance Finance Crossword & Puzzle
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Insights on Insides and Outsides of the College” by Mr.Kalyan Chakravarthy, National Key Account Manager, ITC Ltd.
Communicare  Euphoria Event Series-Dumb Charades
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on “Wealth Management” by Ms. Srikala Bhashyam, RS Consultants
HR Guest Lecture on “Legal Awareness” by Dr. V. Shyam Kishore, Associate Professor, Ramaiah College of Law
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Entrepreneurship” by Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Cofounder, Addzup Global & Partner, Entrepreneurship Garage
Communicare  Word Atlas
Marketing Guest Lecture on “Marketing and Professional Life: What to Expect !” by Mr.Amardeep Singh, Senior Program Manager, Amazon Payments
Marketing Guest Lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness by Dr. Nivedita Jayaram, HCG
Operations Guest Lecture on “Supply Chain Sustainability” by Mr.Rishi Sher Singh, Business Advisor
TOOT Box Inspirational Talk on "Making Your Dreams Come True" by Dilshad Diyaan Jalnawalla
Wealth Management Sectoral Analysis
Finance Bull’s Eye
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Cinematography” by Mr.Manjunath Rajashekhar, Cinematographer in Kannada Film and Television industry
TOOT Box INPLICO- A Puzzle Solving Event.
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Video Resume” by Mr.Wayne Bento, Head- Veeville Communication Design, Veeville Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Finance Open Discussion on Choosing Internships and Final Placements & Mug Shot
Marketing Beg Borrow Selfie
Communicare Euphoria Event - Debate Competition
TOOT Box “Quizano”- A Quiz on Entrepreneurs' Journey.
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on “New Economy for New India” by Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Principal Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance at IISc., Bengaluru
Marketing Guest lecture on “Is B2B Marketing the In-thing Today?” by Ms. Suprava Sahu, Enterprise Account Manager (Cloud Vertical), WeP Solutions Ltd.
Marketing Startup Hackathon hosted by the Rotary Club of Bengaluru
Marketing Guest lecture on “How To Sell Yourself In An Interview” by Ms. Pallavi Belagavi, Senior Vice President Sales,
Communicare Daily Mailer-Word of the day- word with meaning, synonyms and usage Weekly Mailer-Idiom of the week- a weekly Friday mailer-idiom with meaning and usage Communi-Connect- Kannada Kaliyiri, Saturday mailer with Kannada sentences and audio clipping to create exposure to Kannada
TOOT Box Entrepreneurs – Their Journey a weekly Saturday mailer to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among students