RAMAIAH HABBA, an initiative of creative cultural open platform offered to all members of the Ramaiah Family to showcase their talents and pursue their cultural interests. This platform has generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm commenced on January 1st, 2018 which was inaugurated by our beloved Chairman, Dr. M R Jayaram. Any member of the Ramaiah family, be it the staff, student, faculty, employee can be a part of this event which takes place on the 1st Monday of every month. The event provides a platform to explore talents in diverse fields such as dance, music, public speaking, dramatics to name a few. The whole idea of this initiative is to provide an open opportunity for the Ramaiah family to share their amazing talents with the world.

The members of Faculty, Staffs, and Students participate to showcase their talent in the area of onstage and offstage creativity through various performances of dance, music, recitation, art, and painting that enhance the ethnicity of talent.