Guest Lecture from Department of Operations & Supply chain Management on 4th May 2021

The fields of operations management (OM) and human resources management (HRM) have a long history of separateness. In industry, it has been rare for an operations manager to become a human resources manager, or vice versa. In academia, the two subjects have been studied by essentially separate communities of scholars. Despite this, operations and human resources are intimately tied to one another in virtually all business environments. Recognizing this fact opens many opportunities for major improvements in both research and practice. In this context, the following lecture is Scheduled to Understand the Human side of Operations and supply chain.

Guest Lecture Details:
Title: " The Human Side of Operations and Supply Chain "

Tuesday, May 4, 2021, from 2.00 PM to 3:15 PM…

Meeting ID: 960 9945 5392
Passcode: 040521

Guest Speaker: Dr.Kirupa Priyadarsini

Profile of Guest Speaker:

Dr.Kirupa Priyadarsini, currently Associate professor at PSGIM has 18 years’ experience in academia, she is passionate about research and experiential learning. She is actively involved in Training and conducts workshops across Tamil Nadu on psychometric tools, lateral thinking, creativity and an eminent trainer in the area of analytical tools for research. She has served as program director for week long intensive Management Development Programs for MNCs. She is involved in HR Consulting Assignments with companies in areas of Competency mapping and HR Systems development. She served as a Knowledge partner for UK based company Student Podium from the year 2016-2020. Kirupa enjoys exploring of game based learning and conducts FDP’s and has expertise in developing games for classroom use. She has published papers and presented papers in IIM’s and IISc. Her research interest includes Studying Impact of HR on Business, Performance Management, Employee Learning and Development, Employee Engagement and Competency Mapping. She is also a recipient of the CMA GRD Best Faculty Award for the year 2019.