Guest Lecture on "Grey-Zone and Economic Coercion" from B.R.Prakash , Commodore Indian Navy.

The Department of Finance and BFSI is glad to inform you that a Guest Lecture is scheduled on 28/10/21 @ 2:00 pm. on  "Grey-Zone and Economic Coercion" Guest Speaker is B.R.Prakash , Commodore Indian Navy.

The ‘Grey-Zone’ is a metaphorical state of being between war and peace, where an aggressor aims to reap either political or territorial gains associated with overt military aggression without crossing the threshold of open warfare. The characteristic features of gray zone conflict are hybrid strategies involving the deliberate, multidimensional, and integrated use of various instruments of power: Political, economic, social, information, diplomatic as well as military.It can also be stated as cold war between countries.