Guest Lecture on "UNLOCKING POTENTIALS" by Raajitha Kade Arvind held on 17th October 2023

Ramaiah Institute of Management Bangalore (RIM) had the privilege of hosting Ms. Raajitha Kaadi Aravind, a true visionary in the world of entrepreneurship, for a Guest Lecture on "Unleashing Hidden Talents: The Inspiring Odyssey", on 17th October, 2023. At an age when many might consider it "too late," Ms. Aravind fearlessly set sail on the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship in her forties.
Her journey has not only been transformative but triumphant, as she now manages two thriving financial cooperative societies. Today, she holds the prestigious position of President at Namasthe Souharda Co-operative Society.
Ms. Aravind's story is a testament to the idea that age or background should never hinder one's pursuit of dreams. Her unwavering determination and keen eye for opportunity proves that anyone can make a substantial impact on the business landscape.