Industrial visit to Kelachandra Group, Embassy Golf Links Business Park on 19th October 2023

An industrial visit was organized to the Kelachandra group by Dr V Padmaja, Professor & Head-Centre for Leadership, RIM for the HR specialization students of Sem III, Batch 22-24. Prof Yashaswini kindly agreed to be a part of the visit and joined the students.

The Chief HR Consultant of the Kelachandra group Mr Ujjal Gangopadhyay welcomed the students along with his team members of the HR Dept. to their office at Embassy Golf Links Business Park. After a brief campus visit, the HR team spoke about the Kelachandra group through a video show, its five business verticals and the different initiatives undertaken at EGL such as fire and safety, waste conversion, transport services etc. The team also highlighted the HR facilities such as a well-maintained canteen, hotel, temple within the premises of EGL, saloon,, ATM and availability of doctor for the employees to keep them motivated and happy at workplace.

The HR team stressed on various policies pertaining to grooming, recruitment, ethics grievance redressal and code of conduct required to be followed by the employees. Workplace practices such as birthday celebrations, providing health facilities, training through competency mapping, monthly induction for new joined people, transparent communication and its impact on the employee’s behaviour and performance that have helped in building the vibrant culture at the Kelachandra group. The HR Dept follows a PDCA approach which is Plan, Do, Check, Act to resolve any issues and challenges.

The students were extremely happy to learn about the various functions and roles of the HR Manager and the relevance of the HR Dept. ie. to bridge the gap between the employer and the employees. Overall the students got  first-hand insights and knowledge about the functioning of the HR domain. Dr Padmaja thanked Mr Ujjal for sparing his valuable time and sharing his thoughts with the students of RIM.