Invitation for Rendezvous 2022 - Alumni Meet 18th June 2022 on Saturday


Nominations are invited

Last Date for submission of Nominations:  15, June, 2022

Over the 27 illustrious years of MSRIM, our alumni have gone on to excel in various areas and constantly raised the bar.

On this opportunity, we are pleased to announce the MSRIM Distinguished Alumni Award. The award shall be conferred to the Alumni who have outshone in their selected areas in India and abroad for their remarkable achievements and contributions.

We look forward to receiving nominations from our alumni network for MSRIM Distinguished Alumni Award(s) from the following categories:

  • Corporate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact / Environmental Impact
  • Global Ambassador
  • Young Achievers
  • Most Supporting Alumnus
  • Inspiring Woman

For Nomination form, please visit: DAA Nomination Form

We would appreciate receiving nominations on or before June 15th2022

For clarifications if any, you may please contact Alumni Relations Office, Email Id:,



  • All the former students, who have been enrolled in a regular course of study at MSRIM, are eligible for these awards.
  • The following alumni are not eligible to be nominated for a Distinguished Alumni Awards:
  1. Former students employed by the MSRIM during their term of employment
  2. Alumni who currently hold or have held political office (at local, state or national level) within three years of the date of the close of nominations
  3. Members of the Selection Committee
  • Members of the selection committee may not submit nominations, nor may they act as referee to a nomination.

Method of Nomination

  • Nominations may be made for an Alumnus Award by any of the following individuals or groups:
  1. Any member / office bearer of the RIMAA or its chapters
  2. Any member of the administration, faculty or staff of MSRIM
  3. Any former student of MSRIM
  • In addition to the above Nomination Form, nominators are encouraged to provide supporting items that further distinguish the nominee. Such items include, but are not limited to:
  1. Letter of nomination written by the nominator
  2. Two letters of support from non-family members that specifically address the criteria
  3. Current biography or curriculum vitae of the nominee (mandatory)
  4. Newspaper and magazine articles / profiles / Personal stories
  5. Professional honours, Awards or certificates of achievement /commendations
  6. Membership / leadership in professional organizations
  7. Publications, or noteworthy special work
  8. Other items of interest
  • One nomination per individual will be considered.
  • Nomination forms will be held for each individual and considered for the award for a period of three years (or until they reach 35 years of age, whichever comes first in case of Young Alumni). If an individual is not selected for the award, his or her Award Nomination Form may be updated and renewed by the original or other appropriate nominator for consideration in a subsequent year. The Office of Director (International Relations and Alumni Affairs) will contact nominators for annual renewals.
  • The name of the nominator will not be disclosed.

Method of Award Recipient Selection

  • The MSRIM will use the following guidelines for the Award Recipient Selection:
  • The Alumni Awards Selection Committee is asked to make every effort to select recipients of the highest calibre, giving equal consideration to all who have achieved excellence in their respective fields.
  • The Alumni Awards selection committee reserves the right to grant an award for which the candidate has not been specifically nominated.
  • The office of Director will collect nominations which will be reviewed, validated and short listed by a Screening Committee (SC) chaired by the Director
  • Maximum of 12 recipients may be selected annually for Distinguished Alumni Awards. The RIMAA President & MSRIM Director must approve additional recipients.