Leveraging LinkedIn by Students for Personal Branding and Social Selling

Employers are searching LinkedIn for college students pursuing graduate and post graduate programmes for employment and internship
opportunities. Covid-19 pandemic, has unexpectedly thrown everything out-of-gear. Since physical opportunities to maintain career
development have shrunk, LinkedIn provides the virtual environment in which students can continue exploring and enhancing their
employability. LinkedIn is a professional social media providing opportunities to celebrate smallest achievements, their acknowledgement by
others, to engage in conversational intelligence, thus enhancing students’ self-efficacy. It’s essential to have a strong online presence.
Learn how to tap into the power of LinkedIn to build a professional network, establish your digital footprint, stay up-to-date in your industry,
and much more. This workshop will guide students to build an outstanding LinkedIn profile, for even those who do not have previous work
experience. The workshop covers how to set up a new LinkedIn account and create an impressive profile that grabs attention, how to build and
expand LinkedIn network, identify job opportunities, and finally connect with recruiters. In this journey students build a professional brand and
a social presence.


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