Survival Strategies and Redefining Business for Women Entrepreneurs

Our Institute’s (MSRIM) Centre for Entrepreneurship in association with Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FOWE) had organized a #seminar on ‘Survival Strategies and Redefining Business for Women Entrepreneurs’ on 17th September 2021. The participants were #womenentrepreneurs across sectors from Bengaluru. Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam, Director (Academics, Research & Administration), MSRIM was the resource person for the session who shared her #entrepreneurialjourney and highlighted on #needassessment, the need for women to be involved in pro-active research, concentration on reflection of work, importance of vision and reflection for the commencement of #startup journey. The session concluded with a brief of the new program on #Entrepreneurship being launched by the #Institute
The program was initiated and organized by Dr. Padmaja V, Associate Professor & HOD – Department of OB-HR, MSRIM. The session was co-ordinated by Prof. Megha B and Prof. B. Yashaswini Murthy.