Curriculum Content

Marketing in a Digital Era
  • Definition, Growth & Benefits of Digital Marketing.
  • Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing.
  • The AIDA model and its transformation in the digital era.
  • The 4Ps of marketing and how they have transformed in the digital space.
  • Utilising digital opportunities to create value.
Strategic Brand Communication
  • Fundamentals of Branding.
  • Brand Engagement Strategy.
  • Marketing Communications.
  • Communications in the Digital Era.
Customer-Centric Marketing
  • Understand the digital customers' situations, perceptions, and expectations.
  • How customer behaviour is different in the digital domains?
  • Easy access to information and decision making.
  • Training an organisation to focus collectively on the customer.
  • Customer focus at every digital touch point.
Search Engine Optimisation
  • What is SEO
  • How does a search engine work.
  • Concept of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • On- page/ Off- page SEO.
  • Backs-links and building a reputation.
  • PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority.
Search Ads
  • Outlining a planning framework for paid ad campaigns.
  • Highlight examples to reveal key insights and ideas in PPC.
  • Targeting, Real-time bidding, Outcome-based pricing.
  • Real-time measurement of outcome.
  • Strategies for search campaign (viz. PPC).
  • Concept of Ad quality, Ad rank.
Display Ads
  • Evolution of Online Display advertising.
  • Demand Side Platform, Supply Side Platform, Data Management Platform.
  • Concept of Google Display Network (GDN).
  • Keywords, Topics, Interests, and Demographics for Display Campaign Targeting.
  • Planning and Budgeting for Google Ads Display Campaign.
  • Bidding Strategies for Display Campaigns (PPM/CPM/ vCPM).
  • Video Campaign using YouTube Channel.
Mobile Marketing
  • Difference between website, responsive website, mobile website, mobile app.
  • Crafting mobile strategy.
  • SMS marketing, Use of QR and Proximity marketing.
  • Delivering digital ads on mobile devices.
Email Marketing
  • Targeting: Audience with “intent to purchase”
  • List / Database nurturing in email marketing
  • Dynamic email marketing
  • How ethical marketers manage email
  • Permission marketing
Social Media Marketing
  • Various types of social media platforms and their usage.
  • Social media post reach algorithm.
  • Targeting and bidding on social media.
  • Different audience types on social media.
  • Introduction, benefits of influencer marketing.
  • Types of influencers; identifying right influencers.
  • Content creation and amplification.
  • Measurement and analysis of effectiveness.
  • How social listening impacts business.
  • Software tools for listening.
Digital Campaign Planning
  • Defining target audience and audience persona, identification of needs.
  • Identifying and profiling competitors based on different attributes.
  • Creation of communications.
  • Distribution of communications through paid, owned & earned media.
  • Launching an effective digital marketing campaign and post-campaign analysis.
  • Examples of successful strategy planning and execution from India and global markets.
Content Marketing
  • Designing a content strategy.
  • Understanding and drafting engaging content.
  • Driving marketer-generated content; user-generated content.
Web Analytics
  • Defining campaign metrics.
  • Setting up the Google Analytics account.
  • Analysing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Defining conversions and conversion Tracking.
Live Capstone Project
  • Real world clients with live websites.
  • Working with a live brief from the client.
  • Creation of a campaign proposal for approval from client.
  • Execution of the campaign and post analysis.
  • This project involves real clients, real businesses, real websites, and real money.