Guest Lectures by Faculty members from Foreign Universities

Name of Resource Person Name of Foreign University Topic of Lecture
Dr. Ricardo Mateo  University of Navarra, Spain Presented his group’s research on Quality and Safety in Hospital using artificial intelligence and contact with software developers that can help them with the prototypes
Dr. Robert Geraci Dept. of Religious Studies,
Manhattan College, New York
Ethics in Management
Prof. Wyler, Physicist and former President of the University of Zurich, Switzerland University of Zurich,Switzerland Leadership in  Global Environment
Dr Wayne Bottiger, President KEISEI University, Texas, USA The Technological wave
Dr. Jacob George, Governing Board Member Universal Digital University, USA Impact of Globalization and Technology
Dr. Ravichandran Krishnamoorthy, Professor  NYIT, Abu Dhabi Insights into Research & Publications
Dr.Progyan Basu, Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Assurance Robert H Smith School of Business, University of Maryland Trend of B-Schools
Dr.Avro Ott, Executive Director E-Governance Academy, Estonia Consulate Office,Bengaluru Preliminary discussion to explore areas of Collaboration
Dr.Deepak Iyengar, Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management Central Washington University, USA 1.Logistics Footprint of Banks in India to cater to the bottom of the Pyramid Market. (For Faculty)
2.Insights on Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints in improving Operational Efficiency (For students)

Academic Engagement 

  •   AIB - Michigan State University, USA
  •   International Conference jointly organised with Opole University - UK

Mr. Jacob George

Dr. Progyan Basu