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About the Program

Fast Pace Management styles are required for high growth markets and high Innovation enterprises. Professionals seek advancement in their careers working with MNCs, Startups or setting up their Enterprises. Many young and experienced minds are learning new age management concepts, practices to excel in their managerial and functional forte.

The Post Graduate Program at Ramaiah Institute of Management is aimed at Working Professionals, Graduates to grow and excel in various General Management and specialization areas offered in the program by learning latest practices and concepts.  Our object is providing Best of Breed Management practices in a fast paced learning being at par with Industry 4.0  & 5.0.

The Knowledge Management Team at Ramaiah Institute of Management created this Industry-Academia program in collaboration with Industry Experts and 'C' Level Executives as one of the best program for working professionals.  The core team is on an enduring journey of creating and simulating futuristic Industry trend & Case Studies to the Learning and Competency building.

Program Overview

Term I (Compulsory) Term II (Choose Any) Term III (Advanced Learning)
Core Courses Specialization Areas
(5 courses in each Specialization)
New Age Management
Fundamentals of Management and Organization Behavior Finance Communication & Negotiation Skills
Decision Sciences & Analytics Business Analytics Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
Introduction to Finance & Economics Marketing Industry 4.0
Strategy and Corporate Governance Operations & Supply Chain Japanese Management & Work Culture/International Business
Marketing Management Human Resource Comprehensive Project
  Banking Financial Services & Insurance  

The Program Provides Concept To Practice Methodology. Highly Rigorous Program Offering the Learner to be an Effective Thought Leader and Practioner. The course cohort is on synchronous learning and provides a platform for all the course participants to be in synch with the course delivery and timeline by achieving their tasks. The faculties work with the students in an interactive engagement throughout the course.

Courseware & Assessment

The courseware are available In Text Book And Digital Platform. Faculty helps Students with courseware, tasks, assignments, solving case studies. The courseware comprises guidelines for each course across semesters. The course toolkit has books and reference journals from leading publication houses. There are many Management Journals which are referenced for substitute learning and insights.

In-classroom Contact Programs
  • Bi-monthly in-classroom contact programs are conducted to meet and discuss for each course subject
  • Faculty mentors students on problem-solving, challenges & solutions
  • Case Studies are discussed to arrive at comprehensive solutions
  • Continuous mentoring and support in all assigments and Comprehensive Project


  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals & Consultants
  • 2+ years Industry/Work experience

Fee Structure:

Sl. No

Fee Details


Due Date


Registration fee

Rs. 50,000/-

At the time of registration


1st Term Fee

Rs. 1,00,000/-

20 days of windows period post Registration


2nd Term Fee

Rs. 1,00,000/-

31st March 2024



Rs. 2,50,000/-


Assistants for educational loan.

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