What is is Placement?

What is the best 'return' after a bachelor's or master's degree? A job right? And to get one of those, you need to go through a placement procedure.

The placement procedure is something most people dread! Why? Because it's long, requires a lot of patience, effort & resilience and can be soul crushing if you receive a rejection even after putting all that time and effort into an interview


Placement Process at RIM

Placement Registration

Students need to fill the registration form.

Student Profiling

Sneak peak information of student skill set and specialization.

Campus Interview process

Students will go through the rigorous selection process

Final offer

Corporates will announce the final offer students.

Inviting corporates

Profile based invitation will be sent to the corporates.



Enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate expectations


The Placement Team of MSRIM is devoted towards achieving 100% placements and leaves no stone unturned in getting ready achievement schedule of the year by tantalizing unit of time groups of various company sectors to make sure the graceful functioning of the Campus-Recruitment method. Meanwhile, various coaching programs, workshops, seminars, trade interactions, and additionally trade visits are conducted in parallel with regular one-on-one counseling for betterment of the students facing difficulties in interviews.