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Organisational expectations from their executives are ever-increasing to meet the global challenges and peer competitions. Many of the functional areas in business administration are under continuous transformations to upgrade operational efficiency and get adopted to the rising technological advancements. In this context, the constant lookout for today’s executives is avenues for earning the niche in their functional areas, which they might have missed out on during their regular education time. Ramaiah Institute of Management is launching such certifications programs in various domains like Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, and Analytics to fill the gaps in the executive functions. The rationale of these certification courses is to provide the cutting edge in the functional areas through experienced faculty and researchers, which will enable to advance the executive skills to the higher planes. The contents of the certification courses were thoroughly examined and designed to provide the required potential and will deliver with popular and modern pedagogical practices in Management Education.

Program Offered
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Artificial Intelligence for all
  • Digital Marketing – Key to success!
  • R for data analytics
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Business Strategy
  • Consciousness Program for Happiness
  • Cost and Economics in Pricing Strategy
  • Self-management through Bhagavad Gita
  • Understanding Stock Markets and Investing
  • HR Analytics
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Structural Equation Modeling Using SPSS AMOS
  • Accounts and Finance Management for Non-Finance
  • Design Thinking - Change the way you think!
  • Advanced Data Analytics with R Programing
  • Introduction to R Programming and Data Analytics
  • Kautilya’s Artha Shastra
  • Analytics Techniques for Lean Six Sigma
  • Concepts of Machine Learning
  • Personality Development
  • An Introduction to Sensory marketing
  • Financial Literacy and Wealth Planning
  • Basic Stock Options Trading
  • Behavioral Finance and Market Psychology
  • Advanced MS-Excel
  • Positive Psychology
  • Financial Modelling and Valuation using excel
  • Financial Technical Analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness
  • ZEN and Art of Management

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Certification courses conducted

Certification Courses

Resource Person

AI for all

Dr. Bhanumathi P

Positive Psychology

Dr. Gururaj B Urs

Concept of Machine Learning

Dr. Prakash Muthudoss

Advance Machine Learning using Python

Dr. Prakash Muthudoss

HR Analytics

Dr. Arul Senthil Kumar

Contact Persons:

Dr. P. Bhanumathi

Mb: 8050886607

Email ID: bhanumathi@msrim.org