End term Time table for IV semester Batch 2020-2022

Date / Day Core / Major / Minor  Course Code    Timing 10.00 am to 01.00 pm

30-05-2022 / Monday

Core 20PGDC401 Strategic Management (Core)

01-06-2022 / Wednesday

Core 20PGDC402 Entrepreneurship Development (Core)

03-06-2022  / Friday

Major 20PGDM401 Product and Brand Management (Mktg)
20PGDOMA401 Services Operations Management (OM)
20PGDF401 Corporate Taxation (Fin)
20PGDH401 Knowledge Management (HR)
06-06-2022 / Monday Major 20PGDM403 Retail Management (Mktg)
20PGDOMA402 Project Management (OM)
20PGDF402 Corporate Valuation and Restructuring (Fin)
20PGDH402 Human Resource Development (HR)
08-06-2022 / Wednesday Major 20PGDM404 Digital Marketing (Mktg)
20PGDOMA404 Materials Management (OM)

20PGDF403 / 20PGDF404 

International Finance Management/ Derivatives Management (Fin)
20PGDH403 International HRM (HR)
10-06-2022 / Friday Major 20PGDM402 B2B Marketing  / International Marketing / Rural Marketing (Mktg) 
20PGDOMA405 Lean Six Sigma (OM)
13-06-2022 / Monday Minor 20PGDM411 Product and Brand Management (MKTG)
20PGDH411 Knowledge Management (HR)
20PGDE401 Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship (ENT)
20PGDIB401 International Financial Management (IB)
20PGDB401 Enterprise Risk Management (BFSI)
20PGDBA401 Python Programming for Business (Anlyt)
15-06-2022 / Wednesday Minor 20PGDM413 Retail Management (MKTG)
20PGDH412d Human Resource Development (HR)
20PGDE402 Social Entrepreneurship (ENT)

International Human Resource Management (IB)


Financial Markets and Investment Banking (BFSI)

20PGDBA402 Predictive Analytics Using R (Anlyt)
17-06-2022 / Friday Minor 20PGDM414 Digital Marketing (MKTG)
20PGDE403 New Venture Funding (ENT)
20PGDIB403 Global Strategic Management (IB)
20PGDB403 / 20PGDB404 International Financial Management / Fiscal Policy and Business (BFSI)
20PGDBA403 Big Data Analytics and its Applications  (Anlyt)
20-06-2022 / Monday Minor 20PGDM412 B2B Marketing /International Marketing /Rural Marketing (Mktg)
21-06-2022 / Tuesday     Empirical Study – Viva voce
22-06-2022 / Wednesday     Empirical Study – Viva voce

End term Time table for II semester Batch 2021-2023

Date / Day   Subject Code                         Timing 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

09-05-2022  /  Monday

21PGD202 Corporate Finance

11-05-2022  /  Wednesday

21PGD201 Marketing Management

13-05-2022  /  Friday

21PGD204 International Business

16-05-2022  /  Monday

21PGD205 Operations Management

18-05-2022  /  Wednesday

21PGD206 Macro Economics

20-05-2022  /  Friday

21PGD203 Human Resource Management

23-05-2022  /  Monday

21PGD207 Business Research Methods with SPSS

Supplementary End Term Examination Time Table for Batch 2021-2023

Date/Day Subject Code                                       Timing 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

10-05-2022  /  Tuesday


Business Communication

12-05-2022  /  Thursday


Legal Environment of Business Personal Growth Lab

14-05-2022  /  Saturday


Foundations in Management & Organizational Behavior

17-05-2022  /  Tuesday


Managerial Economics

19-05-2022  /  Thursday


Management Information System

21-05-2022  /  Saturday


Business Statistics

24-05-2022  /  Tuesday


Accounting for Managers