AIMA Chanakya – 22nd SMG Nov 2018 

Startup Hackathon Competition conducted

by Rotary Club of Bangalore 9th and 10th   Feb, 2019



Events and Activities

On-campus events & activities play a crucial role to enhance the overall learning experience of students.

Sl. No. Events and Activities
1     The Institution has several Clubs to provide a comprehensive understanding of the course of study, for every domain. Clubs like Communicare, TOOTBox, and other cultural exploration groups organize events across many streams, including Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, Wealth management, etc
2 The management students take a keen interest in hosting national level fest and invite many esteemed business schools across the country for participation. Students spiritedly call it ‘Perceptions’ - A concept which spreads the idea of inclusivity amid several viewpoints. The theme for every year is enthusiastically chosen and involves the participation of students from various streams.
3 The Institute works closely with Janagraha, an NGO which seeks citizens’ participation for urban development. Together, both entities introduce and take students’ support to address the issues of quality of roads, infrastructure, and other civic amenities through the Annual Community Service Program. The initiative educates students about their social responsibility and serving the community for a larger good.
4 Various representatives of the Institute are delegated with the responsibility to choose students who can participate in intercollegiate events & fests organized by reputed management schools. Every year, B-schools like IIM-Bengaluru, Christ University, St. Joseph’s College, Amazon Prime Quiz, Actapult, ITC Yuva, etc., witness active participation of RIM students in their events.

1. Club Activities 

                             List of Club activities for the Academic Year 2018-19

Club Activity
HR Team building activity-Walk with me and Pictionary
Finance Guest lecture on “Financial Planning”- An Investor’s Perspective by Mr.Raveendranath Kaushik, Cost & Management Accountant
Communicare Just-a-Minute
Wealth Management Quiz
HR Guest lecture on “Success, Career, Happiness-How to build Bond?” by Mr. Manoj Kumar, CEO, Connaissance Company, Bengaluru
Marketing RIM Bazaar
HR Be Opinionated
Communicare Green Drive-Signature and Pledge Campaign
TOOT Box Workshop On SAP
Operations Operations Quiz
COSCA "Vitrine Des Talents”-talent hunt
Finance Finance Tournament- Bang on Basics
TOOT Box Workshop on Mind Management
COSCA "Vitrine Des Talents”- Talent Hunt
HR Guest lecture on “Networking: “What they don't teach you in College” by Ms. Neha Mishra, Director, Neha Talks
Marketing RIM Bazaar- Student Presentation
Finance Finance Tournament- Business Quiz, Draw&Tackle
Wealth Management Stock Selection methodology
Wealth Management Mind Seek Drill
Operations Design a Supply Chain
TOOT Box “Chasse au Tresor”- Treasure Hunt 
Operations Guest lecture on “Supply Chain Management” by Dr. K N Subramanya, Principal & Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering & Management, RV College, Bengaluru      
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on ITSM by Mr.Debashish Banerjee, Assistant Manager, Training Lead – ITSM, Management Consulting - Business Excellence, KPMG
TOOT Box "ENIGME”- A Riddle and Role Play event
Finance Accounting Basics
Communicare Tongue-Twister
Operations Guest lecture on “Bengaluru City Gas Distribution Project” by Mr. Ajay Kumar Jindal, General Manager, Gail Gas Ltd.
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Boomerang
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Poster Making Competition
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Photography
Operations Debate and Poster Making on Emerging Technologies.
Communicare Euphoria Event Series- Communicare Quiz
COSCA MELA-Music, Entertainment, Literature, Art 
Marketing Quiz Time
Finance Finance Crossword & Puzzle
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Insights on Insides and Outsides of the College” by Mr.Kalyan Chakravarthy, National Key Account Manager, ITC Ltd.
Communicare  Euphoria Event Series-Dumb Charades
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on “Wealth Management” by Ms. Srikala Bhashyam, RS Consultants
HR Guest Lecture on “Legal Awareness” by Dr. V. Shyam Kishore, Associate Professor, Ramaiah College of Law
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Entrepreneurship” by Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Cofounder, Addzup Global & Partner, Entrepreneurship Garage
Communicare  Word Atlas
Marketing Guest Lecture on “Marketing and Professional Life: What to Expect !” by Mr.Amardeep Singh, Senior Program Manager, Amazon Payments
Marketing Guest Lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness by Dr. Nivedita Jayaram, HCG
Operations Guest Lecture on “Supply Chain Sustainability” by Mr.Rishi Sher Singh, Business Advisor
TOOT Box Inspirational Talk on "Making Your Dreams Come True" by Dilshad Diyaan Jalnawalla
Wealth Management Sectoral Analysis
Finance Bull’s Eye
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Cinematography” by Mr.Manjunath Rajashekhar, Cinematographer in Kannada Film and Television industry
TOOT Box INPLICO- A Puzzle Solving Event.
TOOT Box Guest lecture on “Video Resume” by Mr.Wayne Bento, Head- Veeville Communication Design, Veeville Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Finance Open Discussion on Choosing Internships and Final Placements & Mug Shot
Marketing Beg Borrow Selfie
Communicare Euphoria Event - Debate Competition
TOOT Box “Quizano”- A Quiz on Entrepreneurs' Journey.
Wealth Management Guest Lecture on “New Economy for New India” by Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Principal Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance at IISc., Bengaluru
Marketing Guest lecture on “Is B2B Marketing the In-thing Today?” by Ms. Suprava Sahu, Enterprise Account Manager (Cloud Vertical), WeP Solutions Ltd.
Marketing Startup Hackathon hosted by the Rotary Club of Bengaluru
Marketing Guest lecture on “How To Sell Yourself In An Interview” by Ms. Pallavi Belagavi, Senior Vice President Sales,
Communicare Daily Mailer-Word of the day- word with meaning, synonyms and usage Weekly Mailer-Idiom of the week- a weekly Friday mailer-idiom with meaning and usage Communi-Connect- Kannada Kaliyiri, Saturday mailer with Kannada sentences and audio clipping to create exposure to Kannada
TOOT Box Entrepreneurs – Their Journey a weekly Saturday mailer to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among students





2. Ramaiah Habba

 ‘Habba’, a term that signifies the spirit of joy and celebration, is yet another way to uphold inclusivity. Ramaiah Group’s celebratory occasion, Ramaiah Habba is a glorious event that brings about a collective engagement of the faculty, staff and students together with their family & friends. COSCA Cultural Club, along with other associated clubs, organizes Ramaiah Habba at Muralivan, an open-air theatre, every month. The event has a collective involvement of all the institutions under the Ramaiah Group. 


Green Drive - Communicare Club

Guest Lecture – Operations Club

Rim Bazaar – Marketing Club       

Dance Performance –Cosca


3. Perceptions

This is an annual, national level, theme-based management fest organized by the students of the institute. Students manage the event end-to-end. From conceptualizing & planning to execution, students are at the forefront of this gathering. Every aspect is meticulously planned, including, inviting sponsors, managing finances, advertising and marketing the event, and soliciting participation from other institutions. The event stretches for two days and displays an excellent combination of talent and creativity. Students from various areas of management brainstorm and conceive unique events ideas which can showcase students’ knowledge and competence and help them enhance their social skills.


4. Community Service Program

Community service can immensely benefit students, academically & emotionally. It is a proven initiative to give students an understanding of the real-world scenario. RIM conducts a week-long community service programs for every batch towards the end of second semester. The objective it to develop the art of collaboration, empathy, time management, problem-solving & leadership skills, and help them realise the positive impact of their actions on the society. The program is initiated in collaboration with Janaagraha, an NGO which works towards involving citizens to improve the quality of life. Janaagraha aims at creating civic awareness and enhancing the quality of infrastructure & services by working with local authorities.

CSP 2018-20

CSP 2017-19

5. Participation in External Events

At every step, RIM encourages students to take part in activities that can expose them to real-world challenges, hone their skills, and improve their self-confidence. Students are motivated to participate in a myriad of opportunities in the form of events & fests organized by corporate entities and other management schools. By engaging in such activities -

  • Students can showcase their talent to a broader audience
  • They can network with top employers who will recognize their talent & skills
  • Participation in noteworthy events adds a great advantage to students’ resume
  • Students can challenge their limits and step out of their comfort zone to realize their true potential


6. Industrial visit

provides the students an insight regarding internal working of companies. It provides students a practical perspective of the work place and opportunity to learn through direct interaction the working methods and employment practices and thus helps to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

7. Outbound Training:

uses experiential learning to accelerate performance. The solutions are geared to address behavioral outcomes at work place. All the activities, experiences and discussions are contextualized towards real-time work-place scenarios. The aim is to walk away with a practical plan to implement at work with the students imbibing the values of teamwork & leadership.

8. Yoga & Self Defense classes

Practice of Yoga helps to lead a healthy lifestyle and help to develop a positive attitude and discover better potential. The main goal of students (girls) self-defense training is to strengthen their capacity to defend themselves against potential attacks. Both the activities develop the self-confidence of the student leading to a holistic personality development.