Academic Research

A systematic inquiry is essential for the university, faculty and the students, together, to create new knowledge. Research is an integral part of the learning process. RIM has set up a Research Cell that provides all the necessary support to carry out research activities.
The Research Cell of the Institute aims -

  1. To develop a culture of research & innovation. It promotes synergy between faculty & student community.
  2. To provide all the necessary infrastructure & material to accomplish research in chosen fields.
  3. To support all stakeholders of research with a strong industry network to enhance the process.
  4. To give financial assistance to all activities related to research.

Research Activities


  • National & International Conferences are organized by the Institute


Year Theme of Conference 
2018-19 National Conference on 'Indian Economy - Current Issues, Opportunities and Challenges'
2018-19 ' Future of Boards: The Emerging Challenges of Corporate Governance' Jointly hosted by Florida International University(FIU),Miami, Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru and MSRIM at  Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru
2017-18 International Conference on 'Emerging Trends in Management'
2017-18 National Conference on 'Strategic Decision Making - The Role of Business Analytics'
2016-17 National Conference on 'Digital India - Problems and Prospects'


Digital India

Indian Economy

Emerging Trends

Future of Boards – IIM Bangalore


Journal - M S Ramaiah Management Review

M S Ramaiah Management Review is a bi-annual journal published by the institute. With the ISSN No. 0975-798, MSRIM launched its first publication in June 2009. The journal provides comprehensive details of the research-based & academic management articles submitted by reputed academicians & experienced professionals. The write-ups in the journal are checked against plagiarism with the help of authentic tools like Turnitin plagiarism check software, to ensure the content is original & innovative. The journal copies are available on the website (link)

Google Scholar, a sought-after online web search engine, selects web pages and indexes scholarly articles, technical reports, abstracts etc. Many articles of MSRIM Review have been indexed & achieved into the Google database, indicating the authenticity of our content.

Journal Volumes